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Full text of "The Sacred Books of the Old Testament; a critical edition of the Hebrew text printed in colors, with notes prepared by eminent Biblical scholars of Europe and America"

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& (R. ©tio«r 9 %. (&. (SJfc.'i* 

Cfc QBooft of Heuficus 

3n Ibcbicw 


THE present edition of the Sacred Books of the Old Testament in Hebrew i 
exhibits the reconstructed text on the basis of which the new translation 
of the Bible has been prepared by the learned contributors mentioned on the 
other page of the cover. It is, therefore, the exact counterpart of the English 
edition. Wherever the translation is based on a departure from the Received 5 
Text, the deviation appears here in the Hebrew text. Transpositions in the 
translation are also found here in the original. 

Departures from the Received Text are indicated by diacritical marks, 
-> (/. e. V = Versions) marking a passage where a reading has been adopted 
on the authority of the Ancient Versions; <> (i. e. c = conjecture) being used 10 
for conjectural emendations; and •> (i. e. 3 = "ttpa) for changes involving merely 
a departure from the Masoretic points, or a different division of the conso- 
nantal text {e.g. m^ 'lint Eccl. 10,1). A pDB I indicates transposition of the 
Masoretic piDD tyiD ; > » points to cases where the "Hp has been adopted instead 
of the 3TD, and « « to changes introduced on the strength of parallel passages. 1 5 
Doubtful words or passages are marked with notes of interrogation (> 1). 
Occasionally two diacritical marks are combined , e. g. * », i. e. deviations from 
the Received Text suggested by the Versions as well as by parallel passages; 
or « >, i. e. departures from the Masoretic points supported by the Versions, &c. 
Hopelessly corrupt passages are indicated by ♦ . ♦ ♦ . , while asterisks * * * * 20 
point to lacuna in the original. The text has been left unpointed except in 
ambiguous cases. 

The Ancient Versions are referred to in the Notes under the following 
abbreviations: itt = Masoretic Text ; <S5 = LXX; (t = Targum ; 5 = Peshita; 
£= Vetus Latina; 3 (i. e. St. Jerome) = Vulgate; A = Aquila, = Theodotion, 25 
£ — Symmachos. *xx denotes the Samaritan recension of the Pentateuch. <8 A 
means Codex Alexandrinus (A), © L = Lucianic recension (A\ <B M = Ambrosianus 
(F; — M = Mediolanensis), ©s = Sinaiticus («), ©v s= Vaticanus (B); <C° is the 
Targum of Onkelos, (T = Targum of Pseudo-Jonathan; AY. = Authorized Version, 
RV. = Revised Version, OT. = Old Testament. It has not been deemed 30 
necessary to classify all the divergences exhibited by the Ancient Versions. 
As a rule there have been recorded only those variations on the authority 
of which an emendation has been adopted by the editor of the text. 

The heavy -faced figures in the left margin of the Notes (1, 2, 3, &c.) refer 
to the chapters, the numbers in ( ) to the verses of the Hebrew text. 35 

As to the colors, yellow, (e. g. n, 2 b — 23) indicates the code commonly 
known as the Law of Holiness (H), the compiler of which cannot be separated 
very widely in time from the priestly prophet Ezekiel (about 570 B. C); BROWN 
(4; 6, 23; 10, 16—20) marks later strata of the Priestly Code (P), the main body of 
which (compiled in Babylonia about 500 B. C.) is printed in black without any 40 
additional coloring. Overlined passages represent redactional additions. The 
arguments for these distinctions are given in the introductory remarks prefixed 
to the explanatory notes on the English translation of the book. 

-*Hss3 , -i**- 

sTlv $©ol of SciMttcue 





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ZU QBooft of Btvitkut 




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THE J' >HN 3 li ■!■:■. . 





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Btplticut -so. 

24 K -Ml :r hunt tl 

wwi id, witl 

25 11 ill add -:-• z.:-- 

genuine, thi 
ran- 1 onstrui tion found in I 11, ij 11 
all probability, th< 
•11 K«thlb vfi 
ill omits yb. 1 
.Ml nsini -ij. 1 \ 

taken as in apposition to the o :; 

Job % 35,2 not being paralli t 

the reading afhrr] "Uf W< -•:•,-- 

r . V. 40); ; -: - ::■ 

in. e to .1 nati elite, it 

to the influent e of v\ 
(36 .Ml »m, but a verb is required, wl 
verb being opposed to all analo 

W as v. 35, and with a 1 onjui 1 - ■-• :: 

(4: ill r-T -:- ;•• •■.--• -;- 


26 41 The context is unfavorabl -->• -.->:-• 

futures. The verbs, it seems, m .1 in a 

•-mm, and the t( a modal force, / 

Driver, / w with a ! 

1 Sam. 20. 10. The parti< I- is to 
•-•.--■ and not as introducing the pn .---.. 

ill nm c: r^Ki. n«r, alon< tn hardly l 

"*•- ' and h 1 27 j. In on( : 

mbled ea< li other Dri\ : 
ond of the two .similar letters may ha 

27 23 ill -;-:•- . In spite of the parallels whi 

with the suffix can hardlj ginal; I 

'-"-' ndering of 6, in whi< li : 

might be thought to point to ----- 
pronoun is no: red by C> though 1 

19,23—24,11 -°tf3«£»e* Etviikue -j^-g&^E^—- 3 1 

19 (23) ill D^1», which is inconsistent with the sing. rwi\ 

(33) JUU.6M" express the plural D3n« for T;n«. But in passages of this kind the 
change from the singular to the plural (or vice versa) is so frequent, even in 
the same sentence (cf. 23,22; 25,i4.46 b ; and often in Deut.), that it is doubtful 
if the plural is original. 5 

20 (10) ill adds ntfx-fil* t\KV -rata tf'j*. This, as Prof. T. K. Abbott (Essays chiefly 

on the original texts of the Old and New Testaments, 1891, pp. 15.207) has 

pointed out, is probably a mere error of dittography. 
(16) ill FinH. jm to //V(see on 18,23) will naturally be construed with the prep. n« 10 

[cf. dV in "ins uy tony n s ymtn ray Kin mjn & Gen. 36,24). 
(23) ill MS?. The plural is expressed by <5S$°; (/: 18,28. 

ill Htottb, that is, /// declaring (it) unclean, ffi ev dxaeapaia, S Hjaa^X, neither 

suggesting a verb.— b "r-nn, as 1 K. 8,53 nbn: 1 ? nnbinn nnN. 


21 (4) ill b»a, which is unintelligible and certainly corrupt; bp, thus used absolutely, 

cannot mean either as a husband, or as a chief man. 6 itdmva, that is, y>03 
(Num. 4,20). DlLLM. proposes ^2N3, understanding the verse as introductory 
to v. 5; but NOB" 1 connects it rather with vv. 1-3. B^NTSCH (Das Heiligkcits- 
Gesctz, 1893, p. m) supposes that a word or words have fallen out, and that 20 
the verse contained originally a prohibition of the priest to approach the 
corpse of his wife in mourning. In view of v. 2, however, it does not seem 
probable that this would have been forbidden; indeed a wife, though not ex- 
pressly named, would naturally be included in the V^N 3"ipn "1N» v. 2. The 
original text of the verse cannot, it seems, be recovered. 25 

1 5 1 ill K e thib nmp , ) a mere error of writing. 

1 7 1 ill »njr twice— but np^ agrees better with Kin C?np at the end of the verse, and 
with v. 8. The sing, is used vv. 1-4; the plural vv. 5.6. 

(8) ill D3tnp». *» DttnpO; G3 6 cq-idZuiv auxouq. The third person agrees better 
with the context; cf. v. 15; 22,9.16. 30 

(id ill nfetoJ, but the following n& implies a singular. (5 drri irdarj vpuxvi xexe- 
\euxr)Kuia, exactly as Num. 6,6 («^ xb n» PBJ by); so S JLaSj "^o ^0*-O 

(14) ill 711). juu.63 express 1 (cf. v. 7). The asyndeton is very harsh and un-Hebraic. 
The alternative is to treat nit as a gloss, which, however, is not supported 35 
by v. 7. 

22 (11) ill V^l, which might, no doubt, be understood as a collective; but the plural, 

which is read by mk, and expressed by ©.Sff , is more in accordance with 
general usage. 40 

23 (13) ill K e thib fODll. 

(18) Here and in v. 19 ill inserts two (inexact) glosses from Num. 28,27.28. 

(20) ill adds D'B'ap ">}tif bv, which is ungrammatical in the present connection. The 

words are a gloss, added after the meaning of DnX had been obscured by the 45 

insertions in vv. 18.19. 

24 (11) ill ntrn nx, for mrr n«. Don the name, used absolutely for nVP, is not, however, 

found elsewhere in the OT., being a post-Biblical expression (e. g. Mishna, 
Yoma 3,8), which came into use in an age when the Jews shrank from pro- 50 
nouncing the sacred name itself. Here it cannot be doubted that it has been 
substituted for nvr by the scribes, for the purpose of avoiding the too flagrant 
blasphemy of mrr nx apM. 

3° —♦««<&*!• £fcthcue «»€>ei*. 

15 <H -:s 24. \\ ;:r 

impanyir MM I I 

5 13 a/, . This, 1 

ilraun by the pun :: _- 

with .m ai 1 US :! ■ -:::•_ | 28 

the usage of the livinj dj ::•_•• 

D( 2 2 

i ... ! to, was RAM 

31 h •!! DP DP 

ding is adopted by Dll LM, and I 


uncleanness here alluded 
though it might mially 1 

ition ; and in support of M 22 2, 

16 :i M K c thib — 

32 ipk mrtv ivk; «**/. rmwan era m mi 
: by .1 passive. ( / on 14 .: 

17 M --v --""• ux9 >'>c i'iv iroiriar) .1 

is used as .1 sacrifii term; if. 22 i; 23 

13 ill uapj but rvse is 1 :: 

18 ,11 Dillm. and Kautzsch read .---••: i Mtffrtc but th< 

to be necessary; the substantive (Gen. 48 1 

:':I nriMf an abstract form, occurring only I -->■•.- 

w. 12.13, ;in( l by <8 oixetai aov. 

<\\ 3jDlV, treating the verb as transitivi so -.-.- 

the animal. But in spite of the won 

NHWB it is very doubtful if this i •;;- 

Vs^j to lie, fir which v-~ Arabi J^ - 

ny--- iegfried-Stadi 701*) the subject will 

•11 ■*- en times besides in tin- Pent rf?Mn 

some [80 times), and 1 Ch. 20 ~s I 

CIS. 1. 1.3 :2; 14 5; 93 ', though it 
syllable; in I'laut. Pa n. v, 1 ,9 it is translr 

nerally a dissyllabic form. The nil 
due to any In. 

and there is no reason why the usual ortl 
M "Un, much against us 71:91 

(5 (toi<; {8v€OD ivT; and is in 

19 M --:-• h is b Nil' al is not ui 
of an absolute int 

20. [8 f ; but a / 

the two forms "t tl 

led by the assonai ~-~ : 

P> -.xra 1 Sam. 20 " "" "•-"" 

impei! -:>>■• -:>- DM1 ; MM .--:- 

tuators, deeming this 
tngly, when the form -'j-- 
it as if it 

I3,9—I4»46 — f8«©«fr £cviticue $S"3*Bi*- -9 

13 appear to be needed: "iVjn, in its appearance, is supported by v. 55; for the 
sense of yy, see also Num. 11,7. So DlLLM. and KAUTZSCH. 

9 ill yjj; V331 juj.(0 Kai ucpn. X^Trpac 5. The conjunction is supported by the 
analogy of the other paragraphs of the chapter, which are introduced by 1; cf. 
w. 18.29.38 &c. 5 

ill 1"iy2 12. Although examples of the anticipation of a subst. by a pron. occur 
in the OT., especially in its later parts (comp., as here, after a prep., Num. 
32,33; Josh. i,2 b (the subst. omitted by©; Jud. 21,7; Jer. 48,44; 51,56; Ez. 
41,25; 42,5; i Ch 4,42; 2 Ch, 26,14; Dan. II, II), yet the idiom, except where 
some special emphasis is intended, is more Aramaic than Hebrew (Dan. 5,12. io 
30 &c. ; and there is no apparent ground for its adoption here, especially as 
the ordinary nj!2 alone" occurs in v. 24. It can hardly be doubted that U 
is merely a corrupt transcriptional anticipation of j?3 in 11JJ2. 

14 4 npbi, scil. Mpfrn (Ibn Ezra on Gen. 48,1 (and elsewhere); Qamhi on 1 Kings 15 

22,38; Driver on 1 Sam. 16, 4\ WGS express the plural (inp^l), precluding 
explicitly the possibility of the subject being incorrectly supposed to be ]ron. 
(5) Bn»i, scil. entfn. auXBS itsnen; cf. the last note. 
13 M BrW'; W5 lOW; cf. 4,24.33. 
(3 1 ) &\ adds IT V)»F\ n#N HK; but the words are superfluous, and are doubtless a 20 

mere variant of the last words of v. 30. The clause is omitted by ((33. 
4' Jtt repn. In clause a yx|3\ SO render by the same verb in both clauses (© 
does not express the words "ripn "ltPN\ The change of verb in the same context 
is not probable; nor does the usage either of Hebrew or of the cognate 
languages afford any support for assigning to nsjs the meaning to scrape. 25 
Probably y has dropped out {cf npC3 Amos 8,8, for njJptM), and we should, 
with W. R. Smith {Journal of Philology, xvi,72), read WVpn. The sense of 
scraping for the root ysp is confirmed by the subst. niy^pfc (Is. 44, 13), a scraping 

or graving tool; and by the Arabic AiUiS fine dust, 'partes detects et disperscc 
ex inferior muri parte (FREYTAG); cf. W. R. SMITH, /. c, p. 71. 30 

4- i\\ nm np', which is harsh after inp"?l. Read with jaxdjS int31 mp\ 
43 ill ni^pn. It is true, other instances occur in which the Masorites have vocalized 
inf. Hif. with hireq, instead of the usual pathah (see Ewald, Lchrb. % 238^; 
Kt'iNic, Lehrgeb. pp. 212 f. &276 ; but the form is highly anomalous, and very 
insufficiently explained by Konig'S suggestion that it is due to the analogy of 35 
the perfect; for though, no doubt, it usually occurs after a noun, or a prep, 
having the nature of a noun (not 2, or 2, or b}, and so occupies a position 
which might readily admit of a finite verb, yet the syntax would not have 
actually permitted the finite verb to be employed. The motive, therefore, 
suggested in explanation of the anomaly is one which, though it might have 40 
influenced the punctuators, is hardly one which could have operated with 
those who spoke Hebrew as a living language. The case, it can scarcely 
be doubted, is one of those in which the Masoretic punctuation does not 
represent an original and true tradition; and wherever the syntax does not 
permit the word in question to be treated as a perfect — as is the case, for 45 
instance, in I4,46 b — the punctuation -n should be restored. Whether, however, 
nspn means to scrape is as doubtful here as in v. 41 ; G5.3{T°3 all use the same 
verb by which they express ysp" in v. 41 ; it is better, therefore, with W. R. 
SMITH, f<>r rilSpn to read V^n. In clause a , ybri as a perfect is, of course, 
an entirely admissible construction; see e.g. 25,48; Jer. 40,1. 50 

ill yn:n, mean; WW, lmnsn juudSOeaeeXoOoi, e=oiaouaiv)S. Cf. v. 42 b . 
Vaon. To be construed as a [perfect (cf on' I4,43\ see 1 S. 25,15; iji 90,15; 
also (with 1»H) Lev. 13,46; Num. 9,18 (EWALD, § 286'). 

28 -..-•• £;vitUu§ I • ■ ■. -i- 

6 it, Jot I 

<<\ ruirari or the - orruptii 
or form oi 

W. 9 b i i J |J 

7 b .3I ! '; 27 .: .28,11 

— in ea< li 1 ase, I 
immediately pre* edinj 

7 3 <\\ omits tl)> 1 p wk : run 

3 also in .ill parallel pa | 4 

8 25 ill n-'-sn nwi also in Ex. 29. 22. Th< ••! 

3,9; 7 j. The insertion of an • 7 

a different \ iew taken by 

tn the fat pie Geigei 

<H omits tin- conjunction here -;:--■ -:;-.->• 

Ex. 29,21, and is supported !■; j>«.( r >j ind ioi • I 

of Aaron's tons, enjoined in Ex. 28,41; 29 21; 40 - ic 

not narrated in Lev. 8 in the place in which it w 

after v. 24 whii h coi 29 

in v. 30 appears to h a understood .1 

had been already anointed v. 12); i 
the oil could have been sprinkled onlj upon h 
after Aaron was accordingly twice omitti 
31 iH , n , 5V; but Tnx occurs again in ic 

TUKTiti UOl) $ and Jf '. 

9 4 i\\ nyjJ; but a perf. does not si it 1 

with DlLLM. and KAUTZSCH, the parti' . rr: 

21 i\\ ne'e njs Htaj; .*«.(!} n»o n« mrr mi w»c 

22 jH K*thfb n\ 

10 i" "r— ;^nbi occasions great difficulty, in whatever way it . 

and thai ye may distinguish & 

the duties referred to in w. 10.11 would nal 

times when the pi tiered ;' 

shall distinguish and \ hii h di 

grammatically possible Ev> \m. . 
.1 1 ontext su( h as the present 
words have been omitted 
separate sources have been somewhat looselj ui 
'9 ill zv-. against all anal-. *--•- 

suj 1 xplanations see S 1 vdi p. 132; I 

11 t8 In i\\ -'■trn Wtt 1 "incs ' r:- 

kinds of owls. The order adopted in th< 
[9 - 4 tl <nnits rwv doubtlessly a si ribal 

also ii 
21 A\ Kthtb irt 
43 M DJiowi ..... onwM»ai 

13 - .'11 ••:■•;- 

the prii 

4,24—6,14 -*ta««M* £cvUkue &&*&*>- 27 

with those of the parallel provision in v. 13 f, it is difficult to think that this 
can be the case. A scribe, it seems, must have written in error IK for \ under 
the impression that a new case was being introduced; though it is singular that 
the same mistake should have been made by him twice. © renders both times 
Kai Yvuuaeri cujxuj, exactly as v. 14. This might seem to point to yrtii (Kautzsch 5 
or nsnttl, as the original reading; but the change from 3 to n is not a probable 
one;' and the translators may not have distinguished carefully between Nifal and 
Hof'al. The 1 in the Hof. is irregular; cf. KONIG, I, pp. 427-586. 

24 ill Bntf\ For lBn»\ cf. 7,2, also xsx and © acpdZouai. The subject is different 
from that of Dnen. Cf. v. 33, and 14,13- It is, however, difficult, in such cases, 10 
to feel assured what the original reading actually was; the implicit subject of 
Bntr may have been supplied instinctively by the Hebrew reader {cf v. 15 , or 
WW itself may even have been meant as a plural, the final consonant not 
being expressed in writing (comp. the passages cited by Driver, Notes on 
the Hebrew Text of Samuel, pp. Ixiii. lxiv). 15 

(27 atrtSfifi. jui.© n'lSI?- 1 ??!?; cf. vv. 2.13.22. 

28 jit yjffl IK. See the note on v. 23. 

ill KBn ncK (without rvty); jua rrty (cf v. 14); © ev ciuxfj may express either 

ntyt cf. v. 14 or na (cf. v. 23). 

jtt nVipn mp»2, but the full phrase nVtyrrflK MMJIfh ntfK D1ptt3 is found in xu. 20 
and © ev tuj xoitw ou 0cpd£ouai Td oXoKCtuxubuctxa; and is supported by vv. 24. 

JJ» /> — 

(31) ill "ipin. This must be understood as referring back to c. 3, and might be 
defended by comparison with vv. 20.21, where a previous case is referred to 
(notice pC'Knn v. 21). But the imperf. "IDV, which occurs in v. 35, is more natural; 25 
cf v. 10 D"N\ A present tense is found in S and © (TrepiaipeTxaO; mx TD\ 

(33) ill BW ; au.6 IBmr. Cy: note on v. 24. 

(2) ill Ktttt, apparently by a lapsus calami. For J>T (KAUTZSCH;, cf vv. 3 b .4 b . 

(5) ill omits inKtsn DK; © xnv ctuapxiav. The suffix in rvty might, no doubt, be 3° 
understood in a neuter sense; but the addition of WKtan HK is favored by analogy; 
for rvty, cf. 4, 14, and the note on 4,28. 

(6) ill omits the clause lb n"?D:i K»n *lt?K, but it is found in *xx and ©; see also 
v. io; 4,35. 

(17) ill "D t?&3 DK1, undoubtedly a conflate reading; for the combination "O. . . OKI, there 35 
is no analogy in the OT. ; and Prov. 27,24, appealed to by DlLLM., does not 
authorize the simple sense of sive, odcr abcr, for OKI. A copyist, not observing 
that 'a was about to follow, wrote in error OKI, supposing that the fresh case 
would be so introduced (cf. vv. 7.11); for 'O t?Bi v see 4,2; 5,1.15; 7,21. 
24 ill Vntfe™. against analog)', the apparently plural form being not really explained 4° 
by the ostensible parallels, cited by EWALD, § 259A juj. and many Heb. MSS. 
(v. de Rossi) read in - , not vn. 

(8) ill namrt; but nnamn occurs 5,12; 7,5.31, and often; so mx here. 
(10) For ill "'B'Ke jum. gives nirv ^KC; © diro xujv KCtpTrwudxujv Kupiou. The first person 45 
is unusual in these laws, but agrees with WO; cf. also 7,34, and Num. 28,2. 
14 ill 'i-Dn, an inexplicable fiiraS eipr)uevov, of which not even any plausible deri- 
vation can be proposed (see suggestions in DlLLM.). MERX, on the strength 
of 3 wov-LqjSO, proposed nanBfi; but this, though it would yield a suitable 

sense (thou shalt break it) can hardly be right; the two verbs a^npn . . . nan£n, 5° 
standing as they do, douvbexuui;, would produce a very lame sentence, and the 
rhythm requires imperatively that the verb shall not precede, but follow nrtJO 
DVIB, — as the ...?.. .of a meal-offering consisting of pieces (2 , 6 shalt thou offer 

26 -~*tt«&& IttiUcue ■ ■ 

rei ently di 

h Animi li in Syria 8 i ent B ' 

" / ' ' 

XT2 tn *7Y\ :-" KW0 r-z NHC "-: r" r 

thus ^_i if is a mint 

J>it' Altsemitischen J/: 

that tli' ■ RW in tli. Pentat( • .>■- n - 

of the < >T. ex< epl po .sibly in the 

autograph. The epi W\T\ 

sequent e <>t some mis ipp 

upplied with th< 

with philology, to lea KVi when tl 

we thought of substituting in t! RVI 

this i -"ii se appeared not to 

trai led n->ti- e, while .it I 

respecting the original orthography of the word. I 

in which it was ad\ isable to 

we ha\ e accordingly don* 

the scriptio plena in other ell; but wl 

w.i> involved, and no false interpretation was • 

appear to us to be iry. 

16 ill ansia, which is taken to mean \ - .-. 

meaning, as DlLLMANN obs i philological!) 

been formed either from K19 *ij. %>}\ or fi R£ 

in view of J^-, a*Qh by the sid< I l(j &A 

is the root of MS , < ta the other hand. "';■: 

and this sense is >sed by i r > ffOv toic irr< EG 

(piumas), and even in the Mishna Zebakim6,l in 

JWW TF& p^cm nop DWrlVl D*J» :: rttO r^rTrjc »T 
sec LEVY, NHWB fl|1J I -.-j - ;: 

for the feathers would not be] rWlE 

2 6 ill ma. See note on 1,13. 

3 5 .'li imits roron. 6 ol Upeic; cf.\ i\ 1 5.8. 11 & 
15 ill omits Quartan. oi UpeTc;; if. th( 

ill omits rwrt; but the word is found in .i.- 

4 12 K*nm and *p»1, /. e. (pro! .•<•':•;- ■-.- 

press the plural lmnm, lffWl i ' ■ 4 

only (f) ha-, the plural; cf. 16.27 where M IOT WW1 

two plurals. 

14 ill omits n'on, but cf. w. ••• :•:.• 

15 BTW1 DnVn ee on 14.4 
\ \. 4. j 

which would .1 •:•::• . but in 

probable that a single eld 

than that it would he done v. 

.'II •;-•- (M; f Kui. tM 

fM be u must 

himself as oppOS4 d • I 

is implied in \. . In \ 

-»«• Critical (Ttofe© on £tx>itic\x& •««* 

2 ill D?3?"!R, but the plural D3"ia")(5 is supported by mj. and (5 tu buipa uuwv; cf. 

also 7,38. 
- ill ]n5n. For D'jnsn, see vv. 5.8. 11 &c, also w. and © oi tepeiq. So DlLLMANN, 
and K \r rzSCH (in Die Heilige Schrift des Alien Testaments). 5 

(8) ill t?N"in n«. ah© express V The head and the suet are reckoned separately 
from the DTina 8,20 ; and the conjunction expresses this distinctly. 

12 ill ens jron -pjn ms nto it?*n nxi; ma n*o it?K-i phi cannot, however, well be 
the continuation of in'S nroi; and, as remarked on v. 8, the head and the suet are 
reckoned as distinct from the DTin:. Transpose with KAUTZSCH (I. c.) "pj>l 10 
ma nsi iw«n nxi nnx pan, as 14,6. 

1 ;, ill Nin. So throughout the Book (in the K e thib), for both the masc. and the 
fcm., except 11,39; 13,10.21; 16,31; 20,17; 2I >9 (where the form KM occurs. 
The epicene sin, which, as is well known, is in ill confined to the Pentateuch,* 
is proved by the testimony of the cognate languages and the evidence of In- 15 
scriptions, to be no archaism (as used generally to be supposed , and indeed no 
original element in the text of the Pentateuch. The fact that Aramaic, Arabic, 
Ethiopic, and Assyrian, all possess a feminine with \ is proof that the distinction 
between the two genders must have existed already in the original language 
spoken by the Semitic nations, when they lived together in a common home, and 20 
that Hebrew consequently, even in its earliest stage, must have possessed a 
feminine hi' {cf. WRIGHT, Comparative Grammar of the Semitic Languages, 
pp. 103 -5 . In Phoenician, Moabitish, and old Aramaic Inscriptions, the pron. of 
the third person is written regularly Nn, which, as the evidence of the cognate 
languages, just referred to, shows, must have been pronounced hu or ///', accord- 25 
ing as the masc. or fern, gender was required by the context. Thus, in Phoenician, 
we find xn pis "]"?» (/. c. «n he was a just king {Corpus Inscriptionum Setniti- 
cnnim, I, i, 1 ,9 , KH rOK"?e (/. c. «n) that work (ib. 1,13), NH DIN that man 3, 10/, 
«n ro^oo /. c. «n that kingdom (3,11), «n racoon (3,22), n» »n v» (i. c. «n) 
which is- the year ... 93.2; so 94,2), xn nn*?n 167'', 4 , «n -inn mntrj? nnyn »a 30 
Inscr. of Tabnith, line 6: Revue archdologique 'S7, X, p. 2 ; in Moabitish, 
Mesha, line 6: Kil DJ "ION"!; line 27: «n Din O for it was pulled down; in the 

It is also found occasionally in the MS. of A. D. 916, with (he superlinear 
punctuation, now at St. Petersburg, containing the Latter Prophets; see the passages 
cited in the Adnotationes Critica in Strack's fac-simile, p. 026 (on Ez. 30,18). 



p*1 W O 'tl 


ta^ M^ miM tt"i6 r-_- MM -:': OKI IT107I : \ 

nntflM JTWI ;.-:- DVffl m»2 BTip — ■:. inMia mm _ n 

jnan ^ 3lHh1 :rv- ,: : -•--• \--s mBfE s~ TBW t:--: TW RM : 

rwa iTKvb (Tip HPin ova ~:~v nn jnsi — •- rur -; ---- , 

5 h\t "p-iy tei ipMn ntrw *: ■-*- i -:- -_•>- m : - 

. . _ _ _ . _ - - . - - 

ds to dm 7s b^m -~~" s~ noma — ~:r ~-s -•— 

vh DMi xty inoisn *p*i Tpnya mw mason nonaa 

. — ... — .... 
_ , _ — 

io mtyoi nonai dimo A --s -:•: -•- - -"s ayp vm an -: -s 

"WM Din bl iTKrb KM DHSHp BTTp DYI - : 

...... _... -_,. ^ QpiMTI ': "-■ 

dmi *mmb Brrp Mn rorrt pjwi nra pun jnw pun - 
■ojn wm ^a jmsi ip^ i»jna -;■ :•-%• -z- uroon rwyt 
15 irnr m^i jr6 aio pa -72- m^ inwri -— nvr •-■•_;- Dam mr 

star m^ -~p rrrr miasm m lift qmi 

PJNS TO talB^ - :2 ta nr: nM ! — TO ~:s nison nta 

♦ ♦* 







26,30—27,19 -°«3«S»8* Klp'l «OK>- 23 

26,"? by oyiafi ns wai BB'san ns vrom omnan n« vmvm stoiui 

3' ns miatrm nam omiy ns wai :onns Wbl nby:n ombib: naa 

32 dwm mby iaat?i pun n« ^s »nbtwn :D3nrw m"fl rmw sbi Dmtnpa 

33 naaB dbs"ik ruvm mn Dmins v\pnm d^d m?« onnsi :nn notrn 

34 p*c nnsi netwi v ^ mnnsB ns pan mnn ts :nmn rm nnnyi 5 
n 1 ? ns ro»ri natwi w bo :mnna» ns mini pan nntrn ts amms 

36 -po vwarn ami ansa*ini :n^by annmio oroinava tvq& sb i»« 
psi fowl mn ne:a ia:i «pa nby top ans *)-ni Dmnw nnsn anmo 

37 ^ naipn anb rnnri sbi ]\s *pii mn ^aaa who b^k ltowi t*fn 
39.38 a:iyn ipa^ ana anstyim twow ps anns r&aw a^m amnsi :amms 10 

npa s ans anns niiiyn *)si bwh rtrwa 
o id 1 ?.! -ib»k f]«i o ibya -ib»k abyan anns ]iy nsi aaiy ns mnm 
4' y& m is Dma^M p«a ans msnm npa Bay ^« •oa **)s :npn ^ay 

42 pmp wo ns *)Ki mpy^ wo n« vnan :a:iy n« tkt \m "nyn annb 

43 ns pni one myn psm :*i3t« p«m "ors annas vma ns *)si 15 
*npn nsi iasa n3Bfc»aa ]yoi ]y^ a:iy ns ar am ana natrna mnna» 

44 amby: sbi amasa sb ano^s p«a anrna nsro> a: *)K1 :atso:i nby: 
no -«y« d^»«i nna nn 1 ? viiDti jarrr6« m?r s :s o nns vro nsn^ dji^d 1 ? 

:mm s i8 cnM nn 1 ? nrnb o s wn ^^yb nnso p«o cn« vvtann 
46 inn ^fcw ^n pai i:o rmv )n: ntys tfwim a^styom trpnn r6« 20 

27, 2. s >d ty« onb« maw ^tnttn ^a bs im !tbj6 ntya ^»« nvr *oti 

3 ;n nyi ni» Dntry pa *otn -jmy rfm tnvrt n»si pnyn n: k^b s 25 

4 mr\ sn nnpi a«i ivipn bp&z **]dd ^p» a^an "pny rrrn r&w ww 

n ran piy n\n n:tr ontry p nyi D>:ty tran ;na dm ibpw rnahto imy 

6 mm a^iy tron p -iyi trnn )aa n«i ta^pv mjyy mpito a^pir antrv 

7 pa nsi :»*]dd n^pty niy^ piy mpibi *pi o^ptr ntran Tan -p-iy 
mtry nnpibi bpty -itry wan pny mm ra d« nbyai ruv bhw 30 

8 o by pan ins n,nyni jnan ^sb n^aym isnya sn n,a nsi $a^p» 

:]nan unny^ mi t a^n n»« 

9 mm rwrt «aa ]m nty« bn nvrt ]mp niaa nnp^ n»« nana bki 

' nana tb^ nan a«i man yi in ym ma ins n^a^ sbi lis^n^ sb ttnp 

11 wnp sb n^« nsaa nann b aw :t^np n\T innani sn mm nannn 35 

12 ma p nns ]nnn mnj^ni :]nnn ^t>b nannn ns n^aym mmb pip naaa 

13 :p-iy by m^an ^ ni^w bs: dsi :mm p jron "jmyn yn pi 
1 1 -iti-sn yi )oi ma ]o ]nnn imnym mn^b trnp mo ns vnp: o ^si 

id piy «pa n^^an ^on mo ns bsa 1 tynpan dsi :aip^ p pan ins -jny^ 

nb mm i^y 40 
16 nnyty nan ynr iyit ob p-iy mm mmb r>M tmp^ intns mtra bsi 
18.17 ^'"i ^ns a«i :mp^ piyn lmw B^np 11 bn\n n:a*a as \tp2 bpty a^ann 
bmn row ny mniin n^a*n o by ?)DDn ns )nnn ib Mv\ vrw enp^ 
19 piy *)D2 n^an fje^i ins trnpan mwn ns bsr bsa dsi :pnya yi^i 

- - 

2 2 —♦»«»<* »Opi .»«>»*. 

yffti toep TBfM onnwrooi opr ore _->^ 

nty 1 ? runs r*rA =:— -s z: ;z~ zr on^ronm - - - ::- ■■-• : 

:"ZZ % z I — P : i Irs :: D3TUC' ~:,.~ DTQ 

\s "pp zz-r - -;- -:♦::• JDJ3 fHK yt 
•s m is natal* wikb ~ - s •- rmji rita; -:•:: nr -.- nnw 

OBfrTI {tajJI IT ":■-'" IM - :~s;- lnTWDE rWB ' 

••:•: z':- -zz-:z rOBB ~z: "■"• "■- m0 TJJ ■- 1130.1 

DS^ :t;--: ~z:z tntaj OttT •":' z:~i ;■" - p 

nntaa rx yvr ra» ■:: rt z--— ~z-- roo lp z-...-. - 

■ nta3 tal< K^ BK1 17:7^ ""-- '-""* - s *~ »P — ~:-z n 
-itrs nr. nap cnap taisr •:: - •: nop ••-• kti — - r 

IDBNlta ! — -;s DTOE p*E 0T 
UW1 K^ rPSBfc pKI cz" ••:-.- s~ PI3SD1 z: 1 — s z:~ ■■■-,- 2 L 

•z-poi n&vr wi30 dm 5D3V6M i — »jk •; — y .-•-.-•_••-- oarno 

15 : - 

nnyz bswji % nmi :cns Brwpi rowi •.—-••: .->•■ ■:-.- •.---: 

rtr 1*31 "rco n« &*n dz 1 ? yfrm :••— •.-• mem ppi —• z- pun -;.-.■ - 

p&3 aitor Wtil SB3S1K3 nez 1 ? c;::- paer^ ::•:-- zr~:>- y- r 

tD3T)K3 izyn fc6 3im pan JO ~r ~- tqbtti : 

ODD J1WB1 HKB IWDfl B3& 1BH1 *3VA z: ::~ •":• STTH r< z~: 
wavn errs WWII zz"s TVOBl 531fi6 zr:z" zzz-s •-::■ fflPTT _ ::~ 
nKW arm *iBB )fc*1 |&1J JBn tmVani :z:rs \— z rs Ttypffl :::>• 
DD 1 ? WH B33VO TOtanm :zzrs VBJ -y.\- s~- =::t: •::--: t.-;- 
-ISC errs Tsrr nBfM D3N"6« ! — ":s -z;- - mr EtflKI :"" 

{WDOip nrns i^si c:~v nbt naBfHi tnap :~~ .-•-•: dhb 
»Kon 'npnn dki 5r6«n nison -: rs «fpr 161 ~ iporr >- 
j^nna rs oanBrA »wsb ~r rs nwp t-i- DaBfB3 ~;:r -:: : nn is- 
nrnpn nw nBwn r,s nVna oa^p vnpBm =:~ nw ~--y>- •:>• » 

»5B *JV01 :nr'2*s tr6aK1 z:v --- =rv - - VU r:— : z:-; - 

:nrns t\-n ?$>, zrzy z:-s:z- z:z m z:-z-s •::- QHBUl 033 
:z:ts^- "v yz_ z:rs rv&h t:z- •- ip&VJl s- ~~s ij QKi 
pn 1 ? cni :ntrnir zr-j^s rs- — z: Ban» HH •■"•":• D3(P ••> 

:— c t- s- pun -;• ~'z- rw Bam uv 161 : 

:zr v rsenz pav nac z: - ~v ti:z" -~ ;/*:'-"" OW1 > s ~' "~~ "-V ' : ~~ : 
nB^pom z:r-;-z rs WVOm z:rs — :_•• nPIBfPI r~ nM 032 wftrm 

. . _-.— . 

npa cz^v *;s t)M t:-- :— <op opaVm •- nojr s- 

nnz cp: r-:~: z~~ z:-y tsz- :z:tsz~ -; P3Bf : :: 
-CJ2 DD 1 ? n2L M 2 :z ,( s T3 BWOI :::tz 131 wAn DZ'" 
s- zr-:s- ":••:: z:-:~- •:_- "s ~-:rz z::~- : 

np nenz B3DP »raVm :-~: ":v =r:-- •- 

z:t;z 1B»31 z:-:z ~zz zr~:s- :z:rsz- -; pao :s r "-** 


] i 



25,7—45 ~«t««*&e* Kip^ *s<§>»~- - 1 

25 nay anm natrm^ Tvac6i nnais 1 ?! Tiay^ T> ntefc6 aa 1 ? pan nat? 

:te*6 nnwan te nmn "pnisa n»« nt&i nnana 1 ?! 
8 nnat? yat? w T; mi a^aya yatr dw yap dub nn sty pav T> nnaai 
tnn 1 ? iwya yatwi anna nynn new maym tiUV a^yansi J?tyn awam 
nn*npi na» a'trann na» n« ananpi jdss"i« tea taw lTayn^nnsan ava 
^s Bh«i inm« !?« a^s anatri aa 1 ? n*nn «n tev rr«3*n te 1 ? p«a nm 
kVi rrrpw n« ropn 161 ij?ntn t6 aa 1 ? nmn "an tev nasrn mnsa»a 

2 jwwian n« ltetsn mom p nib nmn mp an ter •a trnu n« raan 
'4- '3 n:p is nm^y 1 ? naaa naan *ai nnm« "?« vnm iaam nam torn nitra 

io nn^ay n«e nipn tern ir,x m» laeaa :rn« n« r>« urn to nn^ay tb 
1 own aya "B^i m:p» nam duiwi an ^ 5T; naa^ nwan w nsaaa 
■ 7 rww m^ay n« bm win xb) :T; "wa «n naian nana ^a mspa a^yan 
is nnw naam ^aaa>a nw mpn n« an^yi itomto rwr w« *a Tr6«o 
19 anaan yac6 antem ana pun nana jnaa'? pan ty anam an« 

jrrty naa"? 15 

3 : unman n« tpx* xb) jnu «^ p nyatwi rava tew na n»«n *ai 
22.21 onynn town »^b6 nmann n« na»yi nwn nitfa mb '•nana ns ww 

Kia ny ny^amn nawn ny jttp nwann ]a cntesi nratrn n:trn n k s 

j|Bh ite«n nnvsnn 
24-23 teai nay an« D^aanni an^ o p«n ^ ^a nnasb *oan vb y^^ -° 

:p«"? unn rb*i aanm« p« 
na j ww isaa n« ^«ii v"?« anpn )btu «ai inrnsa isai ^ns -jia^ ^a 
27.26 n^aa u» n« a^m nn^w na ssai it n^trm ^>w i"? n\T «"? o ^«i 
2s hot ^ rr n«sa k s^ a«i nnm*6 aan ^ lao tw« bt 1 ^ *i^n n« a^m 

nnm*6 a^i te^a «n tern m» ny in« nipn n^a naao n^m 1 1 ? 25 
29 naaa nity an ny in^i nn\m nam n^y at^ia n^a "Da" 1 o btwi 
^ i^m n^nn api na^an nitr i 1 ? niste ny bs^ «■? asi tintati nmn a^a^ 
31 o^nsrin mm tte^a «ij^ «^ vnnn^ in« n^p 1 ? nn^ai^ nan ^b tok n^yn 
:«ij> te^ai 1 1 ? rmn n^Ki a^n s . p«n m» by a^aa nan an"? ]\s na\s 
33-32 p ^w <«•?> -raw jd^ n\nn a^y n^si anm« ny ma a^Sn nyi 30 
nma antns «n a^Sn ny ma s a te^a inm« Tjn n^a naaa «s ,, i a^iVn 
34 :nn^ «n abiy nm« •a naa^ s 1 ? anny a*n^a mtri j^tmsn wa 

36.nb ^i msa npn ^k qay mi ha npmm lay it naai Tns ^a s s ai 
37 n^aiaai "paa ^ )nn «"? ^saa n« nay Tn« ^nv Tn^sa ntni n^aim 
3^ oaV nn 1 ? ansa p«a aanx m«3in n»« aam^x niiT w« qtets ]nn xb 35 

:om^ aa^ nrn^> ]yia p« ns 
°-39 atrma toko nay may ia nayn «•? ^ iaaii ^ay Tn« t-b^ H ai 

41 b« aiin iay viai «n -jaya «n :*jay nay s tern nit? ny nay n\T 

42 p k so on« m>ssin icnt an nay *a jarcr> vnas nm« *?si mnaa*a 
4443 -jnayi tTr6«ia n«Ti psa la nmn k^ nay nnaaa raw xb ansa 40 

w aii :nasi nay wpn ana aama^aa x\s cun nsa i 1 ? w n^M "jnasi 

ni» n^onn n:ir 25,11 (») 
atfini iJ> (?) 

r\by rs.rrb n*M a _-- •>--: an* unj 23 

izbv, Err*:.-': "-•:■ mm rrzs --_-■: :••:•■: : -:- | 

n« isnn p*n moan n« Damta v— - •_--- b~v - 

s dd 1 ? cnnp'n : prist? 'rctrn oval phi eve 

Dnreten ?n: «aipi nap pi •-:;• tnDf m: --- ■■; ,-- » a 

-:•:•:. :■•_■ nya» i — an ts onim loty npa» cc 

"?D -*:• n)D0 DVr ":z :\-\s i;nr -yi:- l-" z:\ : 

••ia n« ^2^n m:Ei <a aawi tjrr •;•;- :.-;::■ 


7 m p» 7?x Vtpf\ -s--- -:z MM a :--:s- PB n 2.; 

ins -pr W "si nipn r:~" ••■-: :— ;.- ": .--; — ->•■;- r rz 
•5 mnen rTDOn ry :e:\— ~ •_-•:• I :r •:: 3 -; yy 

- — •::- nrun N 
nVnn mm trywp 00 - — m0j) aw nrin maw r-: . 

:mrp Vtb inert jm*Wl -; r:-y:- 00 rz-;-: CfW Dm* nOB 
nztrn DV3 !mm^ J10H mattrt = mm -:• - ::- rz-;-:~ ~; rr: 

*> \vwh nmm itMv rna toner -:2 nwj tdt — •::- ■::-;• r:_- : 
:nb\y pn mm trttta *? kji avrp 0ip ■: enp ppoa •--:*• ••::-• 

n:nez wa^ ^st:' :e 'pna nsc 0* p Km nbvcw --> p I 
^Vp*l flliT «rW rnVKTBTTl iWKTl p I - " I^KTBTfl 0*1 .-->•-_•- p 
*S "ID0Da mrP3*l :p TOB^ nai na mt&0 1DM D01 ?WB to KM •>: • 

I — •: -; : _ - 
"?3 12CD1 nin 4 :^ pre ^.s "r^^n riM KSW ^^n" "-•: b«H "•"• T2 
"•rs? ~2~n "S--** ':i W S' :".;-, ~: UIM '•::"• JBfKI ~; E37TT r> uy o e m 

ia io:t mil ncv mo mm d» apii swan kv^i rr6n — •: •-•>• 1 

r>: rs :r: ": nr «: z-s* jnov — --• '":z mtic ":: __ : — : 
imr:>2 -'•: ;r- »a BTW SBfW IWI ^'~: lUO^ET -:~: ::: ~: 

}W HMC |» nnn p 7V r~r -; -is r~r Taw I :v p ! 

TTtK DBtWJ }«3V ffW P1301 TVCbtT -, :~2 r:*r : % : t:- t z~s: ! 

uw nbsm rune 1 ? pre L s -— •;- rw »rm -n---- •:: ->■ iwb "QTI 

=--* r^zs' barer :z b« ~;~ :~.n~ -:-r ~~z "-•: ~s — -:-•• 

tri» pv t; — nav pun fmaan ::~ |na *3* tbth pun 5* ^: _ 

nav nj^aB — 1021 {anwan rs rzzs- -:-: -:r d ■: 

rru rs norri s 1 - - , :~: , ;-: vh ~-~ — ~:- 

mm\ :p«^ mm pna» roo nan i a ::: nm 1 -"" 

23,3—36 — v«*«>^ «"ip"i -wok*- 19 

23,3 Dvm nDN^D ntyyn a^ wv t-njno on m>x trip \sipo nn« wipn x\s 
?aa mrr? txn nat? rcyn sb nasba ?a tyip a^pa pnaty nsty Taa'n 

n.4 jwjnn tnna :anyi»a an« -usnpn x\x anp \s-ipa nw hjnp nbs 

6 ^ nin annb or ntyy nronai :mn'b naB a^a-iyn p annb ntrj? nyanaa 5 

7 Bab rvrv trip syn )W*on ava ntawi man w nyaty mn^ nnspn 

8 yapn ava cd" nyaty nin^b nty'tx anaipni ntyyn ixb may naabo ba 

ntyyn «b may naabfi ba trip topa 

\ 9 wan <d pnbts mcNi 5*ntr ^:a ^k -m noa 1 ? ntyn ■?« mn^ ibti 

to aa*rep rwm n&y n« ansani m^sp n« PWBpl aab ]n: ^k tpk ptsn b« 10 

12.11 pnwyi :pan w&w natrn mnoo BBi:nb mrr ^sb icyn n«*pm :]nan 

i 3 b^:ityy ^ty in mai :nwb nbyb mat? p p*on tyaB nayn nts paa^n pva 

14 >^pi on 1 ?! :rnn ny^ai ]" *topji nn^ m nin^ nty'tx ptya mi'ra n^a 

p?iy npn pavrta )nip ns pat^an ny ntn am p sy ty ^asn s? ^tyiai 

inym&D ?aa pa^nm 1 ? '5 
» ninaty yaty nfiiann nay ntx pa^an ava nat?n mnaa Bab annspi 

16 nnio pnanpni pv pnyan naan ny^atyn natyn mnaa *iy tmwi na^an 

17 rwnn nbe a^ntyy w pw nsiari pnb wan pamatyiaa ;mrb ntrin 
19.18 <jan Pjmn^b nm m ntya *pnbn by pnanpm jmirb amaa nrs«n van 

3 ^Bb nsi:n pnsan pn 1 ? by pn« ]nan ^^m jp" 1 ^ natb naty ^a p^tyas 20 

21 ba pd 1 ? n%T ty-ip snpo ntn prn pi'ya pnxipi :]nab mrrt rn^ tynp thct 1 

:pa^n*nb pa-'natyio bna pbiy npn wyn vb may na.sba 

22 «■? TTsp tapbi Tispa T 1 ^ nkSD nl?Dn K ^ DD3>1M n,i T ns o^pai 

taa^nbs mn> ^i« ans atyn ^bi vyb spbn 
24-23 Tatyn tynna n»«b b.sity^ s ia b» nan nasb ntya b« mn" 1 na-i^i 25 
na may nasbo ba :tiHp k snp» nynn ]na? ]inaty aab n^n" 1 tynnb nn«a 

tmrvb ntix pnanpni ityyn vb 
27.26 p-nean pv nrn ^atyn j^nnb -ntyya *]« :no k sb rwo b« niiT" nai^i 
28 <?ai tmn^ n^K ananpm aa^n^sa n« pn^yi p^b n^n^ mp «npp sn 

nur 1 ^b 1 ? pB^y nsab «n pnsa pv s a ntn avn asya i^yn vh na^Ve 30 

^.29 bai :n^»yo nmD:i ntn avn psya niyn tub x\s' tyain ba ^a ipav6« 

anpja snn D*Ein n« ^ma«ni ntn avn asya nD k sb^ ba ntyyn "«pk t^Bin 

32-31 ]inaty naty :arnatyo baa aammb abiy npn ityyn xb na«bp ba jnoy 

inntyn aiy ny anyo anya t^nnb ny^na aa^n^Bi n« pn^yi PBb «n 

:P2naa* 35 
34-33 pv ityy ntyona n&sb bans* ^:a b« nan ; n»sb n^'D b« mn^ na-n 
nb tytp snpo )w«*in ava :nm^b a-o^ nyaty nisan an ntn ^ratyn tynnb 
36 *ynvn ava mn^b n^« nnpn w nyaty ncyn «b may rauba ba 
na'yn «b may na«bo ba k sn msy mn^b nu\x ananpm aab n\n s tynp Kipo 

nin" 1 ? nbj? v,t d^iit nV\st in.s ips p isi na» "J2 oii'en d , C22 nj;:» 23,18 (a) 

nn^Dai onnini 

riiSDni? nn« nnj? tj?c Drwjn 19 (3) 

D'cos ^w by 23,: (t) 

n- DIB 13 'wS Z".x ~: ■: :■ — >• dpA 3 :--• ^ BIB 12 nil 

im br\ ~y~ la ppjt TBfM z-s -s ■.■;•-•- )m cnn W :--■ 

^>2 :~zs — 2 \x "-• \x z~;. \x U 7- "zr s pi 

._ _.. : VM _ s . ..... ^ _._ .. „_... .... ._ . 

:?2X' DHSnpn )B1 B'C •_--•: Pr6M z" :z M 

----: rx —• s-' -i DIB »2 VT s~ -:••;- *»m *y *b r::- -. 
:-ss- -:z -: -x- zz ~s- pin« ~s _ zz 13T1 !DB 

-S--- ;z tSHpB mil ■:- ".x- --s ~s 131 :-•;*- rflBfC ~s TOT "OT1 22 

1 1 :mrr :.x •- z-z--z on t»h tnp a» pm 

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z-x itkt *:x *;:?•: nnri _•::- rcnnaai —z itikodi mr* la ■ ij * 

tea yjjrn ina* nsro ij> tew vb Bisnpa ai im jpra Km prm . 

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i ; 12 pin IBM ttb} iWMBB ~:~ •' xz_- 'zx DTIO IM "" KBCT '. 
VDVn R31 :="-Z Hffa pm 2.x - z W p -:<■ x~ :-; ; IWDI 

vnKaeh tew vh rwrai ntea ikti varh •: tn — ■•: -:>•• iwi *» 
tr6Vrr <a 12 wbi »son v~y imbt x-- vubve p* nfitn tjnrr 'in na 

n;p* -2 ps\ \vrvp tew n- Tan |rc aenn z— -:>•• s- -• -:• 
<a pa nai ivorbi -zs- 2n irra ■ -~- a ~:s- km ::: pap -:: 
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•.e.14 nny :Kn -jmi aipn k 1 ? m^K ^k n^n vb yo» ^k nny :«n -jok 

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:Kn bnn ^nvai 1 ? nana "izb n»j;n k 1 ? nPKi nn nxnvb "]naa» ]nn k"? 30 
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:DDDinn nan nam mtKn nV«n nayinn 'paG ipj;n k'pi ^dsp» nKi ^n'pn 
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iKaan k"?i oa^s 1 ? ipy: ipk naymn mpn» mpy ^aV thdpb nK 

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6.n nnncDi ^aK^ oanat nva nnnarn oa:^ 1 ? mn^ d^p nar mam oi 

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jd^id nsi awa nsi enny ns ty«a lBTBn nine 1 ? •••-•: -s twrr Bnpa 
{pianan bs sn^ p nnsi a^oa n^a ns ]'mi v-;2 22:- or* ---•-• 
aa^n»Bi ns myn umb ■ntyya ^avn arma n"?iy npn 1 ? c: 1 ? ------ 

nnta 1 ? na^y 1D3" 1 ntn ava s 2 :D22ina n:n i:ni mt«n 1277 s- na*6c tai - 

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ns; nriNii :^22 , Vnpn ny V2 "?yi a^nan ^yi 122* naran nsi ijras -~s 
TlT'S2 wy*\ ni»a nns ansan taa ^ner 1 *aa ^y *^:" oViy 1 — na% 

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anty s "w« btntr n s aa 2*\s ^\s ncs 1 ? mrr ms ■»« ~2— ~ % z - '.^ mam 

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2'\sn nnaii mm 1 ? ins nury^ ^s^* vh -;•: fcw nni -s- inat im ~v 

:■;•: KHTI 

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)2 tcnaa tptf 1 ry ^a bai natr am 12 ya s ntrs inn ^ai :anyn 

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naito mm ^aab pan vby isai r6j? nnsm 

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:anyn iv in»bi a^a rami ynt naaa> =nn» btw aaar> it?« 

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23 by atsi : anyn ny n»bi a^a )>nni vnaa Baa" 1 vby aam "uw s ba baa yaan 

24 dni :aiyn ny nob 11 1a iyaaa vby roan «n ntrts ^ban by i« «n aatron 
■wm aatran bai nw nyaa* hobi vby wwa vim am* mn aa^ aaa* i 5 

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na nma by aim »a i« ami ny aba a^an a^ hot ait anr^ ^a n^«i 

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«oo vby atrn ntrs ^ban bai nb rwr nma aatroa natt v^ ba vby 

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29.2s liiotyn ovai nntan insi d-c nyat^ nb msoi naito mna dni 

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^ ^ab ]nan n^by naai nby insn n«i nstsn nn«n n« ]nan ntryi nyio 

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i6,s iwm nm^ ^ab nnanpa prw ^a w mo nn« nt?a bs nw naTi 

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btwyb in« nba^b vby naab mn^ ^aab ^n nay^ bt.styb biian vby nby i&x 


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ja imam JBBWn an Blpfi -y maavi ■-.- pa -;• P : jna - 

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im npipT mins^a* n-an mi<pa paan nam paan nM ram imar r 
Taam man nna to man p pan wn i — ■•: toa pwnai .-•:-•;->• 
mvpa paan nferc nam mm <jnaa»n ava pan aen ::■•:■ npaa ~-~ r 
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ar:asn nnn to arani nnrw a*aaM ttt&e a—: to tj^ pre to 

]'Vn -ins maa mai paan a-a- bw iman rw 1 nai • — ■ thm -:; 
nam mm pan Mai tman nnw man rw v-~~ mati =-:as- .->• 
n« man ns -vsnai :sn see jraa im mKDB njna rraa y:: _ nw 

10 : k sets Dipo b« tj6 pna 'rs * n^m man up -: nw rsp nw ran 
n« C22' maa aaevn ja^pn -y s.-- uw ~":r~ w ~: man ~s nam 
n»B n 1 ? n:m mm ,nan k si' si dw nnia nM ":• maa ~:s _ 1 -.-: 
rip 1 ?! :v::n kd*u *a man rw ,nan nmsi r-- rs --- --.s maa v:: _ 
nn«n ^Di'n n« en^^ ::t,si r;-r *:-• rs -;• z'ibs »n» man nM Kart 

^5 ny^inn »i» nw awn nw nun ,•> n« np^i :=— =-. ~y am -~: -s 
man b» mm o^nn n^cai noinvn issn ana arw ^aoi — iwn nw 
pyai n^nn 12^21 n^nn ansai ittBin ana man rw mrn :=••:;: pav 
-:a 'rs ryb pno ^« n'nn TBsn rs rntn inpVuvi :-:• : - n:- - ~s~ 

30 nnso 1 ?! rwto6i :ma^i ~;an ry-i- :pr:- ry-j- y:: -: — nn nw 

:r;^n nnw ns? man aval waan m^a 1 -.r--—- 

cn'rs amaKi bmar »ia ~s nai :~':n~ ""n bw nw ~s — "oti 15 
*n )2V2 wwaa mnn n«r tan rase •:•• nBfaa ai ~ _ - •: tnn tnn 

35 nr^" *WH ar-'?:n 'rr :s~ VWBB *!•••; nw OT — W Dtl rs r : 

aaa s taavaa v:- ~wS arw :s-:-- ■-■; aar ~-s •-:- -:• koc am i 

^»"7 ^»Lw hUM fctliti »^^-^ [feM ^»ti,-» ,^-.»»— — *, .» — . t . ^ . . — - . ..- 

— ' ■ ' I ' > — ^ *- fc^ .-'■ ■ s Jw II * — • ^ fc> — 

prm v-;a ca:' arn T»aa y::~" sanj P KOB1 z-:a — rua ::: - 

ny kdbi ansa fmi ,% -;a aaai ~ ,- -a a w iaij — p kcci :•: 

40 n*n s "a-s tea pain tel ^s':-* a ,_ ••-;• a:~' TTH a: - -: - ~: sal 

:anpn np rnaai ansa — inaa az:- ar-s wenam ~~; — p w 

' M OW 

13,54— 14. 2 7 -»K3«@S* Xlp" 1 "! *3«»BH<>- II 

13,5413 x>n n« laam ]nnn msi :my *te tea w aiya in w: is -ma 

na xb nam yaan n« anan nn« pan nam :map w nyat? imaam yjan 

inmpa Nn nnns laaitrn twa «n 8»a na>a *6 yaam w^ nN yaan "pn 

5^ p inN yipi ins ansn nn« yaan nna nam )nan n«i dni : innaaa in 

57 wa w laaa my nNin tun :anyn p in vwn p in Tyn p in naan 5 
:yaan la ntr« na laantwi cwa «n nma my *te ten in aiya in 

58 earn yaan ana idi aann nt?N myn ■'te te in aiyn in toji in naam 

nntai mat? 

59 te in anyn in mtrn in nmtrsn in noxn naa nyns j^aa rnin n«t 

nNiam in nmab my s te 10 

14,2.x «3ini imna ava jnson mm mnn n«r n^N 1 ? na>» bx mm wi 

3 p njnsn yaa Nana nam jnan nam nanm pno ^n jnan vay\ Jpan te 

4 nymn yen t*w pyi nnnta nvn anas mp in^s i ? npm jnan msi jynsn 
6.n nN :a^n a^a te bhm ■•te te nn«n maxn nN tsnan jnan msi :awi 15 

nnw teai awn n«i nymnn ^aa> n«i n«n py nNi nna np^ mnn nasn 
7 p "imaan te mm tn«nn a^an te nancn nssn ma mnn nasn rwi 
s nnaan aaai ; rmwi s aa te mnn lasn nN ntei nnai d^s yaa> njnsn 

aan naraan te Nia s nnNi nntai nnaa pnm nya> te nN ntei i^aa nN 
9 itrNT nN nya> te nN nte ■yatyn ara n^m :d^ nynty iteN'? |>ino 20 

ntra nN ymi vua nN DaDi n 1 ?^ nyjy te n«i wy na: n«i lipt nNT 

tTJlfll D^oa 

11 n»^»n nni» nn nn« waai oo^on a^aa w np s ^^^n avai 

11 ineon jnsn n^ym tp» nnN Ai ptra nbite nnao nte n-a'wy njytel 

12 B^aan nN )nnn np^i nyio teN nns mm ^t>b on«i intsisn ien«n nN 25 

13 tont^i j mm ^zb nsiin nn« ^ini p»n ^ nNi d^n 1 ? inN anpm man 
••a tyipn Dipoa nten nNi nNtann nN <>i2nty^ icn mpon t^aan nN 

i 4 innn ]n:i at^«n mo ]nsn npbi :nh n^np u>np ]na^ Nn Dtt>Nn n«bna 
id npbi jmio^n to )na tei mio^n n* 1 )na tei n^oM intscn )tn -jnn te 

16 miia^n iyniJN nN pan tetai :mte»t^n )nnn *p te p^'i pwn ite ]nan 30 
^d 1 ? D^oys yat^ iya:$Na pvn p mm ir^WMWi isa te ^« |wwi p 

17 tei rraofl "inoon )w man te ]nnn ]n^ isa te wm pwn imoi :mm 
is te ^n pi?a "imam tovMn an te ffififl itei )na tei ma» s n it ]na 
19 nN ;nan ntyyi jmm ^sb )nan vte nasi inaon trNn te )m ]nnn «]a 

3 nN )nnn ntem :nten nN tamy nnNi mKistia inoon te ^sai nNtann 35 

nntai ]nan vte ism nnaton nnaon n«i nten 

21 rte isd 1 ? nsurb d^n nn« t^aa npm n^D ni )wi «n te dni 

22 ^2 ^{y ^ qv-v! . n ^ : p^ ^t nnam ptra mte nn« nte )ntryi 

23 ^bbti ara anN N^am :nte in«m nNtan nn« rrm it rtrn ity« nav 

24 acNn tran nN )nnn npm :mm ^sb *ryio ^n« nna hx )nan ^n imnm 40 
na DtrNn traa nN oniyi : mm ^a 1 ? nman )nan on« *mani p^n a 1 ? n«i 

it jna tei n^o>n nnis»n )w T in te |nm at^Nn ano pan npm 

26 sn^mavn |nnn fja te lnnn pu^ ptwi ]»i :n^o s n iten ]na tei rtviyn 

27 a^ya yaty n^Notrn laa te i^« l»^n p mio s n ivas«a innn mm 

io -*»*»* mpi ■float- 

's ruab nub pn»n mpoa mm :*:-:• ••-_ npa mm ■: -. 13 

iiyn p "?Eir n«-ic nam pon pikti ipian b* mr .:-.---: 

pan naum dki :nmi prwa Kn njm pa pen ik»w p^ -:- to 
npa» pan rrwn nn; urn -•;•- jb -::n .--:■:•■ •:- -,_ -- 
5 rnnan T&pn mnnn dki !Kn pa inn pian kobi lipa raw m - - 

nenonn naA rnna ma&n rrno ru — pk mat npa — •: 10a w 
■npn jc pey nmai rnnaa p$ tpB -e-: rum pran -.->■ run .-;:- 
jnan tok^ ex: :nn njna pa pan jnn kdc nrm maoa Kn njna 

10 pan mom nna. Km ttpn *~ n;\s mjeen •:- tjw mnaa m _ :~ 
m k s pan k&bi mpa wen rwe dk <jpaiwi ova -;-■-- 
nrtjf nna. Km Ttpa nnsrE k s? r-n- -:>-.- -.--.- :s- :.x- .-;-. p 

sKn maon naia % : pan row Kn maon 
nam pan hk pan ns-n :jp?a \s Bfjna pa ta — •: raw ik enm 

15 iwrin njns Kn pn: pan ins kddi pi ana tpb> -2- -;- -. —.;• •->—: 
"nyn ]o ddp inKTO ]\s nam pron pa hk pran rvn •:• :nn ■-■- im 
hk pan nxm :ony npaB pnan pa hk pan ■■::-• ta pK tw ■;-•■ 
pn:n ntoci ana ip» 12 mn kVi pn:n rare 16 _ : _ - yov$\ ara ;:: - 
nyatr pn:n rw pan Tiom ma s K 1 ? pnan nm r6anm tntpn p pop pn 

20 mya pn:n nwe k^ nam ^atwi ova pnan rw pan _ s~ - tm» :•-■ 
n»B dki {TiTBi ma 0221 ]n:n ins vibi ~ - v~ (C pop •::•* m»roi " 
^pa , «*? "npa pn:n n»D mm pan ctkti jwino nnK ~'V- prun jw 
Kfi-u 12 p»3 ^htf njwi prun icy 1:72 ek- tKn kdb aJwn ~v-- pan 

25 nxr\ )H2n rwn irvab nin2 n-n2 D"«fa Tjpa ~"~ - *: mm w btki 

5Kn nine ^ > > , 2 niB Kn pna ruab mns nhna ="-•- '•;- 

WK1 tSlC V22 nKfifi DKI 5Kn TCTB Kn r~~ WfKI -"-" *3 BTK1 

nmD njns dtdtk pb pu nnaaa ik nmpa mm •:- 5Kn -•-_ nn -:■ 

no-ons n:2^ pan nKto nim pan ts -s~- jwnaia w % . — - wi 

30 kdd Kn ncb k sn pns ^\s ir^z iip njna mnoa \nnaaa w u — a 

ner dd» "?yi yns mm ttwm 2 >v :--: •— rua ;:: - ta "wk v- - 
nine 1 ? pno atr 112 k sn kdb s.-" ta v-~ ~-. s *-' " : » s ~~* • v '"-"- - s '" : -' 


35 is W3 tK i&Nffl ";22 'S -"r:^ -;22 njna v:: ta ~•~ , t "-" 

w pnpT pan mm JTtp na*6c -— tH "npa -n *=sr :.-•::- :-;: 

k sn rtp"B Pi3 Itp ^3 "ri tK -~V- tK T-: tK Ttpa tK "033 DTDTW 

nsii ie'c- rv2- pan rs -:z- pan rs pran mn : -_ : _ ~* ~^~"" 
bib ttpa *s z-^2 -s »n»a w "uaa -;::- rwi ■: -y:- - DTD v:: _ 
40 ik natn hk *pan JKn sec pan mKoe njna vanh ~ wjr 

12 rr;r TBTK ttpn ^: ~: rs tM :t'::: tK TOM -"V" ~s IK WW rtn 

pan riBffi s- n;nr pian -s-- dki ---t wq ksi rrtKt "a pan 

11,37—13^7 ■"*&«&&■ «npM -53>©>»s*+>- 9 

11,37: ten mnta ynr *mn OT J™ ^ "?y an^aac ^ ■oi {Mobi on^aaa yaai 

38 :dd"? Nil Nota vty an^aaia ^aai jnt ty d^» p^ *s\ 

39 :3"iyn ny kbit nn^aaa yaan nVat6 na 1 ? an ■«?« n»nan p ni^ "oi 

n kbbi Has Daa s nntea n« twam a*iyn "ry kbbi naa oaa^ nnbaan totem 

;3iyn ly 5 
42.41 tei pm by T>n hi :b«:. «■? an pp pan ty p»n ptwi toi 
mtottn t6 pan by pt?n ptwi ^ d^:t nana Va ny yais ty T^in 

43 nns ixtttan t6i pirn ptsrn *?aa aswaa ns rcptyn to :nn pp» <a 

44 s a« Bmp s a n^np Divm nnuHpnm na^nto mm ^« o :aa nn<N>&taai 

no ntyan m.T ^« ^a :pten Vy »»in pt?n ban Da^ntyaa ns ia»tan t6i 10 
pate pnp s a D^tnp am\m DNnto 1 ? aa*? n s n"? nnso p«o aana 

46 reran pm to^i con ntyinn mnn ts>aa "?ai *)iym nonan min nw 

47 n»« mnn pm ntotean mnn pi nntan pi «»en p ^H3r6 :pten by 

:ba«rj t6 
i2,2.s rn^i jmtn 13 nts>« nes 1 ? tonty ^3 to nan :i»t6 ntfla to mm wi 

3 : m^ny ntra to wwwi orai : sotan nnp] mi ^a d^ nyatr msntai *iar 

4 *6 BHp&n toi yan »b trip ^aa Fhnta wa 3tfn d^ raton nv d^pi 
n or awi nmaa n^yaty nsDtti nbn napa dki :mnt3 w na^c ny «an 

6 ^33 wsn nn 1 ? i« )3"? nnnta 101 n«^»»3i jnina ^t by 3tin d^^ nt^tri 20 

7 nnpm : ]nsn b« tyio ^n« nns ^>k nstan^ in in mv pi n^j; 1 ? vu» ]3 
:nnp:b is *id6 niVfl nnn nst n^n npoa mntai n st ?y isdi nCT> ^sb 

s nnai n^j;^ nn« tot ^3 ^ity i« onn '•n^ nnpto nty n ht «s»n vb d«i 

:mnffi jnan n^v isdi n«^n"? 

13,2.x in n«fc nt^3 niya n^n^ ^3 ons n»«^ pn« ^«i ntyo bx mrp i3n s, i 
"?« im pan pn« bs «3im nyis y^ 1 ? ntrn Tiy3 mm m.12 is nnso 

3 )3b ^2n ym nytri i^3n *riy3 y::n n« ihdh no JD^nsn vi3o nn« 

4 d«i nn« Kstai psn in«n sn ny-i^ y^i ra3 "eyo p»y j?jin n«noi 
]3^> -]sn «*? Ji'-iytri myn p n«io p« p»j;i n^3 my 3 «n n^a"? nina 3^ 

n y:in nim '•ys^n nv3 inan m«m jd^ ny3jy yjin n« jnsn i^oni 

6 pan n«m mw w nyaty ]n^n mom "iiya yj:n n^s s 5 ? i«^y3 nay 
)n3n nnoi my3 van ntrs «^ yjin nns nim n^ty ^avn ors in« 

7 insirt nn« myn nnsoon nirsn n^fl D«1 nnoi 1H33 dsdi sn nnsoo 

s nnsoon nntrs nam jnan n«m :)HDn b» nw nsiai imno^ psn b» 35 

:«n nv"is jnsn ik&bi my3 
^.9 n«b> nam p:>n n«"ii tjn^n bx «nim di«3 n\nn <a nyn^ yaa<i> 

11 sn natria nyis :n«ly2 ^n ntra n^noi in 1 ? nyt^ nssn «m -ny3 na3b 

12 iiy3 nyisn men nna d«i :«n «aia ^ laiao^ «b p3n is^tDi ra3 my3 

: pan ^y n k sn» ^a 1 ? l^ai njn itrsn» yaan my ^3 n« nyn^n nnssi ^o 

13 pb "]Bn 1V3 yaan n« ™i n^3 b n« nynsn nnss nam )nan n«m 
it2.i 4 i«BW ••nn -it^an n« )nan nam :«ots> ^n 1^3 12 nwnrj orai :sn mna 

16 to K3i in 1 ? 1 ? -jbtoi ^nn nt^nn 3W ^3 i« :«n nyis «n k»b "»nn nt^nn 

17 !«n mm: y^an ns ]n^n inpi I3 1 ? 1 ? yaan "jbto nam pan mam j^nsn 

Lev. I* 

8 -«w» *np»i *ofe • 10,16—11 

"lemK tyl HJ^M bj) tpp*\ '-•■■ -:-• -'J-: BTT1 ntlWH . 10 

'd aipoa nmarm nn arte* >- pro - avnan •-->• ■;: 

:mm ^e 1 ? cm 1 ?!? ids'? rnjfll |TJJ r.x niort z:~ -.-; - 
Via mpa nn« i^wn ^dk W2 E — bi wi rw K3W iri pi 
5^ cnty nm cnscn ns a — am |n ra am it i 

nvc jwi imrr »ypa -tr v " : am niton >nVam --m »n* ru 

10 nc^ 1 ? bvwsr oa to nii santo ioi6 priM aw wc ->■--•-.-.■ u 
nyotri none noise to ipnn :;• ttk rnanan —•: tour --s — nm 
tyaa i"?2«n k"? m n« "s ntewi nnM r^m --; .--••: nam pav 

KOtt onfio Ui\s HD-121 Kn ma m;-: ■: -:.— DM WOT VDBCDI "v - 
nsi rDE 1 ? KTI KEE B*ltt l6 WW KM ma ~%": •: :-~ fiUI :=:~ KJ1 

15 <a Ttnn nm id^ Kn mcata na*ian iA row m — a rtjw «a namei 

a-Krata ide 1 ? Kn ked ir k 1 ? Pro «m ram y:~ ;•:-•■ k- non ome 

'.njb on CTKOB 1JHJ1 s~ "-:::• 6aHfl 
ETD^a D'E3 ntrp^pt T£iD I 1 ? TKfH ^ 8153 VM ~:*: 6aw — nn 

too D'bn:2i am nBfp»pi vaaa A pn IW -:■ :•-:>-.- an* =--::■ 

20 DltrZO CD 1 ? WT fpBfl 103^ DH fpBf CrtM tW I VU *901 BW p» 11 

fp» aiaa nvpvpi tbjd i"? pn uf* to uspvii anVaa nm tour vh 

I ::- KTI 

nm Dncn nm T&»an nM en fp& ten; Kb 7v- p ■---; — M nm 
najnn nn n«i iweh my bi nn iTOtb n»nn nm ram nm smqm 
^5 nKi :?\ s vvn nm wan nm ivuid^ fan r.s- ijnw nm :•:-.-- nm 
nwKn nm nronn I'Tftfn rx> z— nm n»pn nm norann 

^ao r?DKn m nn >s jdd 1 ? kh ;-_ pa*m -;• — «| pn p» " 
^V pa nr\i I ? v'jji'? bjnaa trjna •" ~ vk >z-s -y — •-••;- fw 
30 ^>:-inn nm xnxth d^Vzh nm o^ nanmi nM teiui ane rAn nn ipan 

JDD 1 ? KH j'piy D ,! ?:-| JDTH A ttfM v'V" P» "' :-:-:~ i: -- m 

an^aao mot tei fa^n tj> n-:-- Dnf?aaa paan -: jwwar r6m> 
n:;\s poten no^s noiwa Kn T0K nonan ~:~ •-■; — P kdw naa aao* 
■?y "fan ^3i :Kett s cnz > % ;:n -: =:~ an ETKDG --;•: ~;:\s rr - 
35 KBe' 1 ar6aaa paan to aab an b>kob pav %* r:— aa no 

idd 1 ? ncn n^-:^ i-y~ ~v KDD1 naa n:- " — : rs KTim "; — I 

^nre 1 ? asm naaym — i r s ~ •>* '*"-" " :l ^ ; -" z: " "" 
nam rrz gd 1 ? D'sscn r6« in&vanm aohm -.-■_-- nam _ "^ _ 
kcb s cr*:2 anc •—; ; :^ , TWi -:• --~; — P waef anoa ana paan te 
40 can ana namna myi ~~* "- "- ~~ ' s "' * s "-'- ' s "-' " : " 

tm *2 -rr 7K z-: "• VK VT '" "' :""-" -"V TP KDW K3T 

n*:^ C ( c : ,L> v s-i' "WK "is- IBM "*" " - : :""'- " "■ 

iian s^^ % ""v rr-i:-: -•: , --s -:• :s-:_- -r: "i r; s "--•: ":* - 

nine mm w --: *nai pjna :s :z:~ rrr n«aw an c - c : 

9,4— I<V5 — «9»S«* «1pM *3<©»eH«- 7 

9.4 nwi jnW ddwi ru» un paai ^yi n«tsnb n^ty tjw inp -ids'? imn 

: na^K rwjna mm nvn »a ptyn n^n nm&i mm vtb nat 1 ? d«^6 Vw 

n md 1 ? n»jn myn b mpi nyin Sn« ttfi to nt?n ms t»m n« inp^i 

6 rjnm "naa na^K kti itryn mm ms tb?k "rnn m n^o "bmw jmm 

7 -pya ism nnty n«i nnsnn ns ntyyi natnn ^8 anp pn« ^« ntrn timw 5 
s bx pn« anpi jmm n« two myn "©ai nyn )mp ns ntyyi nyn nym 

9 bzm vb& mn n« pns tta im.pM n 1 ? -raw n«nnn bw n« nn^i nntnn 
« n^nn n«i :nntnn iid s ^« pr mn n«i nnron mnp by jrm mn lynss 
mm ms iimo rmamn T»opn nsnnn p nnan jo mmn n«i rr6an n«i 
1 2. 1 1 ntyn n« nntri :n:n»"? pno tr«n *ptr "nyn n«i -wan n«i :n^o n« 10 

13 wsen n"?yn n«i ja^no nntnn ty inp-in mn n« vto )in« ^n itwtri 

14 iB|n byon n«i mpn n« prrvi :nnton *?y mp^i train jini mnn^ vte 
113 ny 1 ? "wk nsann tjw ns np^i nyn pip n« mpi :nnnt»n ntyn ty 

17.16 nmnn n« mp^i Jtantynn rwjw nbyn nx mp^i spvirD instant intone 
is n«i "iwn n« nntri npnn nty in'jn nnran by lep^ nioo inn k^b^i 15 

nntnn ty mpm rto mn ns pns ^n iks^i ny 1 ? n»« d^jd^wi nat ^«n 
19 naan nw rr^am nsa»m n^«n "?\sn pi iwn ]o o^nn n«i :a^ao 

2i.3 pity n«i nnnn n«i :nnar»n n^nn ispi mtnn ^y n^nn ns ibhsh 

22 pn« «ty»i :ntyD «n« mrr» nw t^«d mn^ ^s 1 ? nsun )"ins ipan ^n 

23 ntro xa" 1 "! lans^wfm n'pym nsann ntyyo n^ nma^i nyn b* v^t n« 20 

24 asm : nyn "?n "?« mn s nian «n*i nyn ns laia^ ws* 1 ! nym Sns Vs pnw 
nyn ^n kti n^a'pnn nw n"?yn ns namn ^ Vnsni mrp ^0 tr« 

inn^s by <b&\ is'ii 
io,« nnnp n st ?y io s ty^ iy« ]na ian^ innn» ty^« «in^a«i an: )in« ^a inpi 

2 ta«ni mm v*bn &x twni :nn« ms «"? ntr« mt tr« mrr ^s 1 ? nnp^i 25 

3 -i»«^ mrr ian i»n «n )ins Vs ntrn Te^i :mrp ^s 1 ? w*ri nnis 

4 "?«i "?«^o ^k ntyn snpM :pns m^ ian« nyn ^d s ib "?yi trips ^aipa 
enpn s iD n«n n^na n« i«ty mp nn"?« nc^i ]nn« n V«^y ^a )E&x 

n :ntyn nan i»Ka ninn 1 ? pnn "?« nninna d«»^i "imp^i jn^n 1 ? pnn *?s 

6 xb nanaai lyisn ^>« Da^Ki via -i»rpfc6i itj^«^ pns "?« rwn mm 3° 
nantrn n« ina^ bww n^a ^a nn^nsi *jsp"> myn *?n Vyi mnn «bi iman 

7 mrr nntro pt? ^a mnn )s i«^n i^ 1 ? nym "?ns nns»i :mn s *ptr t»« 

:ntyo nain ityy^i nn^y 
9.8 nn«aa ^ns Tiai nns ntrn ^n *d»i )« :-in*6 pn« •?« mm nan^i 
« trnpn p ^nar6i * * * * * : nD-^n-n 1 ? ubry npn innn n^i nyin bn« "?s 35 

11 n^pnn bi n« ^ftnan ^n n« min^i mnnn pai «nnn pai "?nn pi 

:ntyo ma nn^« mm nan t»m 

12 nmnn ns inp nnniin v:n "i»jvk ^«i ity'ps ^«i pn« ^K ntrn naT 1 ! 

13 nn^D«i :«n n^ip mp s n nntnn bs« niso mVa«i mn s ^«n mnun 

14 nsi i.wtsj p "a mm ^«n »n ^ in P ni "IP n ^ ^ n P m P M nns 40 
"jhn ^niai ^iai nn« -nnn nipna i^a«n nnnnn pity rwi neiann nrn 

its nniinn ntm ncnnn pw t'p^nty^ ^a ^nVty ^nat» i:m "]^n pm ipn o 
pn 1 ? -[ns i^n 1 ?! -]b mm mm ^a 1 ? nswn fpn 1 ? ix^a^ n^n'rnn ^« ^»y 

;mm ms n^«3 n^y 

ran onaan ran wm ria mn prot rat -- itdiA rve to mm w s.< 

myn bz ran :n^cn 90 ran z— KM •:-• ran HMS E r.- -- 

bs myn bnpni ins mm ma TWO PBW z-y tljne — s nni to 

: nitry ^ mm TO ~z\s "mn m nzyn to rWB TOUT nm - 

s *um n:nzn rat yhp '~- iotm Brat • — • :z rati prat rat nve r 
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6,22—7,38 -#&*<!§•&■ NipM *&€>»*»- 5 

6,23.22 law nNon "?ai :«n amp Pip nnN ba^ awnaa not bz ta^oa tpsttft 

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7,2.x iDnt^ ntyn nN ion^ ton aipoa : Nn a^tinp trip at$>Nn mm n«n 

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4 nNi :onpn ty ton a'mn bi n«v aipn nN nsaon ibm nNi rrtowi s 
ty ran ty mnm nNi a^oan ty ton )n st ?j> ton a^nn dni ivfan mti> 

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7 nnN mm at?Na nsona : Nn B^tnp tnp bmi emp aipoa wb^ awnaa 
s ntyn my t^N nty nN anpon jnam :rwr ^ n ibb^ ton )nan on 1 ? 
9 ntrmoa ntrjw ^ "iwna nsxn ton nmo bai tnvp n ]na^> anpn ton 10 
1 bib P^a n"?na nmo bit jrrnn n nnN anpon )na^> nano fyn 

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14-13 anpm jvoto mm nat by wanp anp^ pon anb nVn by tpvn nbna n'Vn is 
"a TOai : rrsf n wzbwn an nN pirn )na"? rtevb nonn p-ip bao nnN woo 

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is ova voto nat TOao biw bmr\ dni j^to^ t^Na vrwn ova natn TOao 

woo n^aNn tysim rrr? ^ws *6 a^n: n 1 ? ins anpon rrar n 5 ? v^vn 20 

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trsm nmaii mn^ ton tsthsm nat tobo ^bni noo yp& ^>aa in nNoo 

trrape Nnn 25 
23-22 ntrai mtr aVn b ton^> ^nto^ wa *?n nan noN 1 ? nra ^n mrr *ian^ 
24 nnbaNn n 1 ? ^»a«i naN^o ^a 1 ? nty^ nsno a^m n^ai aVm t^a«n n'? tjn 
na trsm nmasi mrrt ntsw n:oo anp^ ton nonan p aVn bN ^>a s a 
27.26 ffsi "?a :nona^ *)iv^ Bamatro "?aa ^a«n n"? bt bi) :n^oyo n^aNn 

:n^ovo Nnn trB^n nmaii bt b ^aNn ton 30 
29-28 ^n anpon ion'? ^nto" 1 wa ^n ibt novb ntro ^n nm* 1 iai^ 
b ^n nN m^N^an vn s jvoto nato rrarb wanp nN n^ mrrt voto nat 

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32 wnn ]^om pw nNi nwa^ pnvb ntnn nmi nnaton a^nn nN )nan 

33 pnN wao a^nn nNi a^oTOn m nN anpon jbb^oto mato ]mb nonn 35 

34 nNo mnp 1 ? nonnn pity nNi nswnn ntn nN *a tmo^ pssi pi» n\nn n 
wa nNo Bbiv pn 1 ? iwabi )nan pnN 1 ? anN jnNi an^oTO mato ^nto^ wa 


ri :nm^ )na^? anN anpn era nav ^no iwa nnt^oi nnN niTOo nNt 
36 jonm^ a^v npn "pnto 1 wa nNo onN mtro ova an'? nn 1 ? n'in s ms ton 40 
38.37 ton :B^oTOn nat^ b^nt?o5i BtyNbi nNon"?i nnio 1 ? n^y 1 ? mmn nNt 
onwaip nN anpn 1 ? Vnto^ wa nN in« ava w^b ina nt?o nN mn s ms 

:w^o -lanoa mn^ 

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s apt?a o^piy '"pD "pij^a jKsn pa dwi rs \ — ■• - -■ 

jnai vay *pr intren rati oaK* Bnpn pa man ibph rati topita e — 

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pan as ntrsa "paya issn ]o onan a«M icam :•:•>• KfcOl D0M1 ;- 
io dWk «n db>m na naoai yr na Km aa» v« tna» ay pran - -;■ "»ai 

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man ssta is ivmy rat p'^v is ^t;: \s -• ncitra \x p-psa rroya 
:n:na son 1 ? nasn nBflp airs aata nrat ay Tp» ay pauerai aa >-:• 

15 is ptry TBf« p»yn rat is ata atrs na?an mm avm dbw kbtp •: -•-■ 
yatr at?s aao is t«sn "vm matta rat Mt ts -—- vm ••-—- rat m 
m»3 imjv 1a «n iBNta ray *p s 4-nBtem wma ts oaten ---■- •-■; 
b» tatnta Tanya pan p onan a\x nvra s-a* tatm rati twoem -: 
rwjn at?s aa» nn« ay 1a nao:i mrr *aoa pan ray noi inan 

20 :aa raatrita 

nam ns? aosa roa nsi prat ns is ncsa ntitt as m«T "OTi 6^.« 
nztcn b»hi apan -iy na^an aa natcn ay St-jpio aj> nayn km --;- 
ati'S pin ns nnm n»a ay »aa^ " 'a:^?: , , 12 na pDJi -"' 1x2 —r 3 

^5 tyaai naa ns ccdi :natcn ass vam natcn ay nayn pw iwct aaiw 
ay »Km :-nnt3 nipo as n:nca pnta as |enn rs mnm mrw onaa - 
n^ay "jayi apna apaa c^y pan n^ay iyai mar vh ta — t raion 
:naan sa naron ay npm Ten l m s m^aatwi *aan rray Tepm --;- 
:natcn ^b as mrr ^aea pn« »aa nns a-pn nn:sn mw raw 

30 nnaan ay a^s n:aan aa nsi n:circi nmen naoa tsopa use enm 
v:ai pns iaas s fttoa nan^m jmrra nmats nrra rrn pkoib Dpm 
Dpan f»n ns-sn sa :maas^ ayio ans Tana ::— mpoa aaws ran « 
n:aas^ pns ^aa aa? aa jd»«31 ra«na sn a-_— Bnp •-•>-: nrai »nra u 

:^ap^ cna yr -rs aa TOP th« =: - - Baip ~ _ 

35 nra m.Ta ianp^ a^s r:ai pns py m tnona "-•- an rwr "-• .« 

:aaya nn^noi apaa amino tdti nnaa nac nwci r-rv vw -•-•-•" 
nn^a m anpn dtid nnao .... n;s-an naa~-: nwjwg -:-'- ~-" - - ".' 
:acpn a^aa mrra naiy pn nns mp raac row — ven wam : 

{Vdwq m 1 — a pa r " : ' : "' 

40 nam ns; io«a r:a aw pn« a« -a- »TDna ?wb an -- " — 
D^trap trip nvr »aca rs^-r: erafr nayn ~--t vm anpea nwrvi 
aa nyio ans tma azsn tnp r^a niaair ann wnw pon iibi : 
oaan rray nr airs a;an L y totb w wn -•— Twaa ••:• tw 
paci nair'^ nu-n: «a:a as« "QBf i a --an VM -" •"• :™ a-.: 

4» 1t2 'apt iaaoi nyia Sin i*b in« iMam nNanb <a^an» *ipa p na bnpn 

1 6 Mam 5 mm ^aa 1 ? nan nN ant?i rhrp ^aa 1 ? nan aw by tsvr n« rnipn 

17 yatr mm Din p iyaxN pan baai nyia Sin ^>n nan ana mtawi pan 
is ^b<? ton natan nana by pp ann pi :nanan s aa nN mm ^aab a^aya 

nna na*N nbyn nata tb s bN n,aa" ann ba nM nyia towa na»N mm 5 
3.19 na*y newa -iab na»yi : nnatan Tapm uaa b^t iaVn ba nM nyia Sin 

21 bN tan n« MSim :an"? nbaii pan anby naai ib npjp p nNann 1a 1 ? 

jnh bnpn nNan pBWin nan n« *pp two wn *pan nanab fma 

22 rtwyo n 1 ? ton i\t>n mm nisa baa nn« ritfjn Nam Mtra ton 

23 tjw uanp n« Mam na Nan ton inNan i^n y-rin^- :dpm rtaatya 10 

24 n« <>ant^ ton aipaa wn ana"i i^n aw by tm naai : a^an nat any 
naninp by pai iya:$NB nNann did pan npbi :«n nNan mm ^aab nbyn 

26 nnatan map iabn ba nM j'rfcpn nata tb s bN i&w tan n«i nbyn nata 

nb nbeai inNana pan rby *iaai a^ab^n nat abna 

27 mm nisa «ba»a nnN nn^ya pan ay.a naatya Nann nnN t?aa dm 15 
2 s laaip Mam <mby> «an ton inNan vbN jmmi* : dpm n:myn h 1 ? n^s 

29 tr«-i by it n« ^aai :«an i&x m«an ^ napi na^an a^ty m^» 
'■? na^a )nDn npbi tnbyn «m ian^ ity«» aipaa n«ann n« antri n«ann 
31 nw :n2tan ma^ ^>« *pt^ nan ^2 n«i n^yn nata n:np ^ pii ^as«a 
m 5 ? nnatan |nan i^apni c^a^n nar ^ya a^n ibi«h -itr«D tb^ na^n ba 20 

t^ n^Bii ]nan vby -ibbi nin^ nma 

33-32 ^ vr n« *]aBi jnas^ na^an nap: nsan 1 ? uanp «^a^ t?aa dm 

34 np^ : nbyn n« <i>an^ t&k Dipaa n«anV nns ant^i nsann BWi 

•?« *jd^ s nan "?b nxi n^vn nata nanp by jnai ivassa nsann ana )nan 

n 1 ? a^a^n nata awn a"?n nar na»«a tb^ na"?n ^a nxi : natan ma^ 25 

W m«an ^y jnan vby ibbi mm ^k ^y nnatan an« jnan *v«pm 

Jib nVaai «an 
S,k Ti* 1 «^ dk j;t i« n«i i« ly «m nb« ^p nyat^i «ann i traai 

2 n'paia in n«aa mn n'paia i« «aa ian ^Ba y-in nty« trsa in n:iy «t^at 

3 ya* 1 s b i« jd^ki ^ «m uaa a'pyii «aa pty nbnia ik nsaa nana 30 

4 t?Bi w jat^Ni ym Nm liaa nbyy\ na saa^ t&h inxaa ^b 1 ? din n«aaa 
nbyx nyat^a an^n «aa s i»n bab a^a^n 1 ? in y-)n i ? a^nstra ndb 1 ? yai^n *a 

n hn> rnnnm n^sa nnN^ b^n s ^b mm jnVNa nmb d»ni vt Nm i:aa 

6 nnpa Nan -it?N mNan ^y mrrt iaa*N hn Mam :n^v Nan i^n <inNan 
Nan itrN* inNana )nan vby ibbi nNan 1 ? any n-i^tr in natio p«n )a 35 

:«A nVaii 

7 w in D-nh tiw Nan it^N ia^N nN N^am nty n it y^n *6 bni 

s nN anpm jnan ^n bhn N^am tntyb t-ini nNan^ nnN mmb nuv ^aa 
9 D-ta mm jt^ n^i ia-iy 'naa wn*i hn p'pai nii^N-i nNan^? nt^N 
' nNi : Nn nNan nntan t,b^ ^n nsa s ona TNtwm natan n^p by nNann 40 
nb n^Dai Nan i»n WN&na pan vby nsai aaa'aa nby ntyy^ ^atrn 

11 wn lianp nN N^am nav ^aa ^b6 in ann ^ntrb it a^n xb dm 

s a ma 1 ? mty ]m n"?i pty mby nw xb nNanb n^B naNn nTtry Nan 

12 Tapm nn-iatN nN vxap NiVa naaa ),nan ppi ;nan ^n nMam :N,n nNan 

*]7ibx nna nbc WMWl mVi nbcn nb~z "-:•: ■:-- -:• — - : --- 2 

nx anpn bcia tr-; ema *^p nx mrrt umaa .--:•: 1— .- 

jnan Topm :xn nn:n Ttibb ttbp ne«n ptEf ~ —; nwi tTTja .--.•: 

5 imrrb ntfx nn:ab -: -;• -;•:•::• Pknx arrow . 

n^on napa nx "Dl DM anpo xn ipan )c ex uaip r-:-_ nai DM 3 

*;a ipin nyio bnx nna lWWI uanp wm by — -::• :--• •;:- ::--■ 
mmb n0M Dt&Wl nntc 3*ipm *a*ao nat&n -•; DTJ1 nM i:: - : - pnM 

10 n^an w nMi taipn by vm z^nn "?2 nm -~~" nx -::•:- :--- nM 
mtan by iaan by mrrn nm o^boan ty ibm |fGp -~x —-- run 
D^yn by WM nbyn by rmamn «D'anan» pnM »aa \-x ITBpm :nr*r - 

irvffvb raw rm rata (run %• wm 
ex nannp^ onan nap: w nut mrrt wshv rort uanp pan re dmi 

15 wm by xv nM tddi smrr »art vim anpm ;:~~ rw i-~~. km ara 
by icn nM crona?* pnM *:- lpti ijna !»im »iB$ uw Bran uaip 
may 1 ? nowi mbxn nbn mrrb raft tretawi nata a^Tpm ta<ao roion 
:aipn by TBPM a^nn be nxi aipn nM ncr-cn zbnn nx: row mrjpi 
by nvm nxi cbnan by tom pby ib»m atom nMi r-z- *xm nm • 

20 imrrb rata Dnb nnaten plan iTBpm :-:-•:■ .-•-;- %• Taan »> 

^s 1 ? inx BTWI WM^ *?V IT nx -jcdi :n , 1 n^ ^j: 1 ? anpm •::" "; DM1 
i:co anpm tz-ao nzren ^y ioi nM 'E'irD-' pnM *:; — Tjnt kw '•» 
:aipn ^y TBfM abnn to nMi anpn nx nore- irnn rx -t- -jw •:—- 
"!22n "?v mn'n nxi o^oan by wm ]n"?j? vm aVnn nMi rrten •-"-' nMi 

25 bz «mn ,! ?' nn"i nn 1 ? ntfx on 1 ? rmamn jnan DTBpm :-:-•:• r-z- -•; 
n^aMn x 1 ? m ^ai a*?n ^a oa^natwa bzz oa^mr; D^ip npn 1 — :~~ 

xenn <a c*a: nox^ "?xt^ ^ia "rx nai :ncx? rWB lw — TlTl 4 ' 
]nan ax :n:no nn«o n»jn nyvyn vh tbpm mrp rnse ■:•: naw 

30 D^n npa ja id xon x'x inMtan by anpm oyn novM^ mbtt 

it nx *]nai rwr »iD^ ijnfi *?nx nna "?x isn nx x-i- inMart 

x'am nan mo rwon jnan npVi tnwr ^a 1 ? ~-:r nM anan ~:~ wr ~; - 
D'oys vatr Din ]o mm D"ia i^asM nx ;n:r -i- :-;■-: -~s -s inM 
map nzrn rwnp ^y mn \a ]nan jnii JBnpn naM »ii nM ~ _ - •:" 7 

35 nato mo^ ^x "jiar 1 isn d-i ^j nx- Tjnt feuta "WM — ■:" -'•: = " 
a"?nn nx i:do d s t nxenn is a^n bz nMi :~y: ~~s nm "WM ~"~ 

a*?nn n«i n^an ^n:r nMi :a"ipn by wm : nMi ~~~~ "' nwofl 9 

trow nvran by larn ^ nin\n nMi z- - :: - ~v icw \r:by -. 

my nxi rnbyn nata by inan DTBpm --:--" 

*.»•,-. •- -. » •« * —-» 

[oien ba nx m^ti \ww dtdi ••;•■: bjr •-•> v <~ ~v *"-'- ~- nm " _ 
by trxa cjy by tfiM *rm |Brffl -:-• ~s -•-•_• z-~-: rx -:-•:- •• -: 

niso bao nnx Wfjn bnpn ':•;-: ~z~ z~v:' UBf tonr mj " DM1 
lanpm n^y ttton x m x nMCTCI ^v- , : , iwwc -:-j-t x- -rx mr 

•*->©• j2) 


1,2.x htner* ua b« nm tnaab nyi& bnx» y>to mm "dti ntro to kTlp\ 
pi npan p nanan p mmb py ddo anp* -a ens onto nn&Kielj 

: na^jaip n« lanpn |K**n-R 

3 anp* *iyi» brw nns to manp' n^n iat *ipan p iaanp nby ns ' t|S5 

4 iBab lb mnai nbyn wri by tt "j»di :mm "^sb urn 1 ? ins ^y? 
n ns mnan prw ^a ianpni mm •osb ipan p n« tsntri :i'by ' V * 

6 nbyn rw tawn nyi» Sis nns tok a<aD nat-en by mn n« ipin am 

7 by D-sy onj?i nat-on by PK «Mion» pna ^:a lanii tmnnab nns nnui 
s D*syn by men n«i twin ns<i> D'nmn n« D'oron pns ^a inyi :»«n 

9 bun na |nan Ytapm n^oa prrv vyiai mpi matan by n»« vmh by i&x io 

:mn ,: ? mmj mi nate nby nnatan 

* vaawp n^n nai nbyb o^n p in n*at*>an p uanp jtran p nsi 

ii lm m D^anan pn« ^a ip*in mm ^sb nasa n^ten tt by m« entri 

12 ms nxi wm nsi ans )nan *pjn vnnib ins nn:i :a*aa natan by 

13 anpm a'»a prrv a^yom anpm :natan by ipk pan by tok n^yn by 15 

:mmb nmi nn n#« sn nby nnatan Tiopm ban n« pan 

14 n« nir>n ^a p is annn p anpm mmb uanp nby »"]iyn p asi 

io ion nsmi nnatan Ytapm nwn n« pbci na?&n b« )nan lanpm njanp 
16 riDTp nat»n bus nns T-btwn flhcfca ins-p n« Tom :nat»n Yp by 
J 7 by nnaton )nDn ins Trapm bna* sb rsiaa ins yDtri :pnn mpo bs 20 

;mn*b mra nn n^s sn nby vmh by ntrs n^yn 

2,s )n:i piy n*by ps**i i^aip n\T nbo mn*b nn:o ]anp anpn ^3 »Bii 

2 nnboD reap «ba otwa yapi a-in^n pn« ^a bs ns^am jn^ab n'by 
nn-i nn rw/K nnatcn nmaw n« jnan Tiopm nn:ab bD by niaensi 25 

3 :mn- ^so n^np tinp v:nbi pnsb nni»n p niniim :mn*b 

4 -p'pii pira nbiba nS«3 mbn nbo iiin ns«o nn:n )anp ^i 

n nsfi psi>a nbiba nbo i:a*ip nnnon by nm» asi :]otya n^ntro mso 
7.6 ntrnio nniD asi usn nn:o pi>' n-by npr^i a^ns nns mns :n\nn 
s mrrb nbso ntry: ntrs nmon n« n«am in^yn pa*a nbo "jiaip 30 
9 nmatK ns nnion p )nan nnm :natDn to nty^m jnan to nanpm 

* irnp viabi pnsb rmian p mnum : nm^b nn-: m n»« nnaton Tapm 

*mn> Hswa D*trnp 

11 sb wn bDi nsty b - : o pn ntryn sb mn-b lanpn n»« nroan ba 

12 sb nnrisn bsi mn'b on« innpn n'trsi pip :mn*b naf« 1200 lTBpn 35 

Lev. I 


£\&t of £onfn'6utore 


5: C. J. Ball (London). 
Exodus: Herbert E. Ryle (Cambridgi 
Leviticus: S. K. Driver and II. A White (Oxf..r 
Numbers: J. A. 1 
5 1 aomy: Geo A. Smith (< 

Joshua: W. H. Bennett (Lond 
Jud ••<>. F. Moore (And 

Samuel: K. l>u<l. ! 

Kiiv B. Si I F. S 

io Isaiah: T. K. Cheyne (Orfi 

Jeremiah: C. H. Cornil! 

kid: C. H. Toy (Cambridj 

Hosea : A. Socin 

Joel: Francis Brown (New York). 
i; Amos: John Taylor (Winchcon 

Obadiah: Andrew Harper (Melbourne. 

Jonah: Friedri< h 1 

Micah: J. F. McCurdy (Toror 

Nahum: Alfred Jeremias (Leipri] 
20 Habakkuk: \V. H.Ward i New York). 

Zephaniah: E. L. Curtis (New I 

Haggai: G. A. Cooke (Oxford). 

Zechariah: W. K. Harper (Cbicaj 

NCalachi: C. (i. Montefiorc and I. Abraham 
25 Psalms : J. Wellhausen (G&rtingi 

Proverbs: A. Miiller* and E, Kautxs 

Job: C 

Song of Son.,-: Russell Martineau 1 Lom: 
Ruth: ('. A. B 
30 Lamentations : M.J. Jr. (Philadelphi 

Paul Haupt (Baltimi 
Esther: T. K. Abbott Dubl 
Daniel: A. Kamphausen Bonn). 

l: . , 1 II. Guth« 
;, ; Nehemian: ) 

Chronii les: K. Kittel 

• Died September 

• • Pi 

died December io 



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